Amsterdam: Girls, Sex Shops, Bycycles and Rembrant

redlightGirls Girls Girls – Walking in the Red Light District was quite interesting. All those ladies shaking theirs asses to me, sending me kisses and invite me to their houses… made me feel really special (it must be cool to be a PIMP). But I was walking there with my family…. It was funny to see the reaction of my aunt saying: “ooohhh noooo, poor girls. Their mothers must be sooo ashamed of her. Oh nooo, look at that !! Poor girls !! Poor mothers !! Look look, I can see all her ass. Oh no !!” Hahahaha…. There were some places in where actors perform real sex, others simple striptease places, all kind of things you can (or cannot) imagine happens in this amazing city.

Mannequim of a girl with a penis

Mannequin of a girl with a penis

Insane Sex Shops – If you want to buy a female mannequin with a penis, Amsterdam is your place. Seriously, who would buy this kind of things ???? WTF if wrong with society ??? And it is amazing how easy is to find this kind of crazy sex toys (?) in Amsterdam. There is a huge amount of male and females reproductive members souvenirs and toys available in all colors shapes, special add-ons and sizes for you. Also tons of super insane German porn movies.

bike_familyBicycle Paradise – There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam, and this time I’m not kidding. It is really f*cked up to cross the streets, because you have to cross the cars lane and then the bikes lane. My mom got freaked out, because in London we had to look the opposite way to cross the streets and in Amsterdam we had to check also for bikes (we got almost hit countless times). bikes_amstWe heard that they find more bikes drowned in the rivers/channels than fishes. Really amazing. I visited Münster in Germany that is also know for being a paradise for bikes, but Amsterdam is on another level of awesomeness.

weedcloudA Curious Smell – Well, I knew Amsterdam was know for the capital of Marihuana, but DAAAAAAAMN!! The moment we walked to the city center I started to smell weed everywhere. We were eating inside a restaurant and I could smell it. I told my family about the it, but they didn’t know it was marihuana. They started looking at me with a face like “ooohhh your drug addict, how would you know week’s smell”. This is awkward because I never used drugs in my life, but I think my family don’t believe it. I should shut up for the next time =/


Rembrandt’s duck face selfie

Celebrities – The coolest thing for me about Amsterdam are the celebrities: Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Anne Frank, Erasmus, Vermeer, Johan Cruyff, Van Basten, Gullit, etc. It was pretty cool to visit Rambrandt’s house, specially his super small bed, WTF. He used to sleep with his feet to the air so more blood could run to his brain. I didn’t have time to see any Van Gogh because my aunt got lost in the city and took us two hour to find her. We passed by Anne Frank’s house, it was so sad, poor Anne :(.

bbqLatin Food – Yeah, there are a lot of Argentinian Barbecue and Mexican Tacos restaurant. Unbelievable for me, in a positive way (maybe)

The city is super charming and full of culture. It was also nice to travel by boat trough the canals and rivers. We didn’t have time to see the Windmills in the outskirts of Amsterdam, but as a Lithuanian friend that is in love with this city recommended me, you must visit the outskirts !!

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3 Responses to Amsterdam: Girls, Sex Shops, Bycycles and Rembrant

  1. Andson says:

    Female mannequin with penis = girl with surprise. A really big surprise, sometimes.
    And yes, must be cool to be a Pimp, the only job where you can fuck your products and put back in the vitrine.
    Here in Brazil the bicycles are used by bandits to steal the people who are at crossroads, or serves as a target for car drivers .
    Rembrandt is a visionary with his selfie with duck face. If he were living in our generation, he certainly would be a success in Facebook and Instagram.


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