Life In Lithuania #10:Three years in Europe

Sveiki everyone, first I would like to inform you that I am not lost or on long vacations or partying like crazy, but I decided to rethink my values, goals and the meaning of life. I am still writing some posts about life and random things in my webpage. I am also developing a webpage about Lithuania in my own words: history, facts, curiosity, culture, basic phrases and words for foreigners. Also, part of my blog will be there. If you want updated from any source, please follow my facebook page


Summer festival/party in my company

Some things that have happened in the last year:
  • Lithuanians habits are becoming part of my life and I am becoming one
  • I visited Druskininkai and Šiauliai, both cities have super interesting museums, Gruto Parkas and  Chaimo Frenkelio Vila (I had no idea who was Chaimas Frankelis and it was a super awesome surprise to learn about his life)

Gruto parkas

  • Winter is not so fun anymore
  • The new apartment that I am living is cozy, but still cold during winter and spring (why ?????????)
  • On the other hand, I don’t get more electric shocks 🙂
  • Now I can easily distinguish Lithuanian language to any other
  • Long summer days are still the best thing ever
  • In my company, I got promoted and have more interesting challenges
  • 0867-reeperbahn-200x100

    Hamburg. Sex sex sex everywhere D=

    My new responsibilities require me to visit Hamburg in Germany. In there I met my friend Carlos after a long time not seeing each other. I realized Hamrburg has a red light district more active and crazier than in Amsetrdam. The city is amazing !! There is also a Turkish or Arabic area in which I ate the best kebabas (döner) in my life !!

  • Cloudy days make me feel sad, sunny days make me feel young
  • I tried to learn how to skate on ice and it was hard !!skate1
  • Finally got the balls to walk and slide on a frozen lake
  • The threw an arrow into my heart and put me together with a fantastic and unique Ukrainian girl 🙂 We’ve been in a relationship for one year. She is totally completing me and making me a super happy human being.

And viskas for now. Remember to subcribe to this blog or follow me on facebook. I have many challenges for this year. The best is yet to come 🙂

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