Cycling Lithuania

Almost impossible to believe but I learned how to ride a bike here in Lithuania as an adult. It completely blows the mind of everyone I tell this. I even lived one of the most embarrassing moments in my entire life during a team building with colleagues in which I didn’t know in advance that we had to ride bikes to find clues… I had to skip it.. Shame! Shame! Once I even went with my friends Katia and Fernando to Münster, the German capital of bicycles, they were enjoying going around in their bicycles while I had to take the bus to follow them. Shame on me one thousand times. Shame shame shame!

It is very common to see cycloways and self service bicycles in Vilnius

Jealousy and motivation grew in me by seeing so many happy people cycling around the cities. I’ve never seen such a love for cycling in Latin American cities. The fact that Lithuanians walks really fast also was a motivation, since going by bicycle was the only way to match their speed.

It took the help of my beautiful, smart, ruthless girlfriend to make my dreams come true. She taught me how to balance myself on her bike in the not so busy city of Šiauliai. It took me a while to make my first real ride, the secret was in trying to go fast at the beginning.
ergocycleThere are many kilometers of cycloways available for you in the city center of main cities and several in wood roads for you to enjoy nature or concrete city at high speed. It also helps that there are no mountains in the whole country so everything is flat most of the way. If you plan to visit another city, there are even special train tickets for bikes. Unfortunately self service bikes are only available in Vilnius, but not when winter hits hard.
I am enjoying while I can the self service bikes from Cyclocity and maybe I can adventure myself during winter time just to feel how it is like. My progress since Augusts 2016 has been impressive, from 3,2 km by bike per month to almost 200 km. You can see how much fun I am having in the stats below
Viskas 🙂

Learning how to ride a bike, an epic achievement for me 🙂

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