Vatican, Rome and the Mafia


Typical mobile Bengali snackbar

Immigrants – If you go around the Vatican city, you will notice a huge amount of immigrants selling Italian food and  guided tours. Most of them are from South Asia (Bangladesh, India, etc). I had the bad luck to go to a Pizza place in which the staff treated clients with rude manners. So sad. But the interesting part were the tour guys. By only looking to our faces the guys said: “We have tour guides to the Sistine Chapel in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish for you” WOOOOW How would did he know that ?? It was fascinating to see some of the speaking in Portuguese with us directly. Niiiiice !


My face when eating Raviolis

Food – The pizza was okay, maybe as my friends say we should have gone to Naples to taste the best of Italy. My favorite dish in the whole universe is Raviolis. I think I paid 16 Euros for a plate of Raviolis, but I was disappointed to get only 8 pieces of Raviolis. It is like each bite costs 2 Euros. But it was sooooo goooood and we had the amazing view of the Coliseum.

sistineSistine Chapel – In order to go there you must pass trough a huge maze in the Vatican Museum. There are many beautiful and super amazing things to see and souvenirs to buy. It took us more than 2 hours to reach the Chapel.

Dali paiting that few people noticed

Dali painting that few people noticed

It was interesting to see that there were some super cool Salvador Dali paintings before we get there and almost none was paying attention to it. Aaaarrrrghhh !! Once we got to the real thing, there was a security guy screaming every 10 seconds: “SILENCE PLEASE !!! NO PICTURES !! SILEEENCE !! SHHHHHHH!! MOVE ON MOVE ON !!” The amount of tourist is suffocating but the place itself is magical, Michelangelo was a genius OMG.

St. Peter’s Basilica was also a magical place. We went there during the twilight and made no lines. My family simply loved since we are super Catholics. I was enchanted by all those complex sculptures. It is interesting to see that all the tourism is focused on the Vatican, some Italians were telling us that if it wasn’t for the Vatican, they would be poor.

Everything Destroyed

Everything Destroyed

Ruins of Rome – I feel sad to see all the old monuments and roman gates sooooo destroyed.  In some places I could only find a pillar or half a gate. The forum were almost all empty. This is the remain of an Empire dead long ago that will never ever come back.

sopraThe Mafia still exists and it is pretty active.  Once we took a cab in Rome and the guy was explaining to us how it is easier to get a taxi license through the Mafia than with the government.  That they are involved in a lot parts of the business in all Italy, not only in Sicily. As a matter of fact he told us that the Mafia is more active in Rome than in the south. Also he was telling us all the bad things Berlusconi brought to himself and the country, and that he was involved somehow with the mafia. Really shocking revelations.

Also, watch this amazing video about the origin of the Vatican

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