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Located in the North of Lithuania, founded around the time (1236) of one of the most epic battle in the Baltic region, Battle of Saule, Šiauliai is the city of the sun, religion pilgrimage,  chocolate, logistic hub, good food and … Continue reading

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Cycling Lithuania

Almost impossible to believe but I learned how to ride a bike here in Lithuania as an adult. It completely blows the mind of everyone I tell this. I even lived one of the most embarrassing moments in my entire … Continue reading

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New York vs Lithuania or Europe

A Latin America living in Lithuania that lived in New York for 30 days compares it with Vilnius. Continue reading

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Life In Lithuania #10:Three years in Europe

Sveiki everyone, first I would like to inform you that I am not lost or on long vacations or partying like crazy, but I decided to rethink my values, goals and the meaning of life. I am still writing some posts … Continue reading

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Life In Lithuania #9: Lithuanian-Russian relations

Last Sunday (July 19th, 2015), the soviet statues from the green bridge were removed. It wasn’t a great celebration, but many people were happy or relieved, they don’t want to give them impression that they miss the soviet times and … Continue reading

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[LINK] Working for client services in Lithuania

So here is the link to a short interview I gave to the marketing team of my company regarding my two years working in Lithuania. Enjoy 🙂

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Life In Lithuania #8: Beach walk, flowers, quiz and mosquitoes

Table Football – It is fascinating how much Lithuanian boys and girls simply LOVE table football. You can easily find them in most of the bars and also a huge line of people waiting to play. There are mini-table, normal … Continue reading

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