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Located in the North of Lithuania, founded around the time (1236) of one of the most epic battle in the Baltic region, Battle of Saule, Šiauliai is the city of the sun, religion pilgrimage,  chocolate, logistic hub, good food and … Continue reading

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Life In Lithuania #8: Beach walk, flowers, quiz and mosquitoes

Table Football – It is fascinating how much Lithuanian boys and girls simply LOVE table football. You can easily find them in most of the bars and also a huge line of people waiting to play. There are mini-table, normal … Continue reading

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Vatican, Rome and the Mafia

Immigrants – If you go around the Vatican city, you will notice a huge amount of immigrants selling Italian food and  guided tours. Most of them are from South Asia (Bangladesh, India, etc). I had the bad luck to go … Continue reading

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Amsterdam: Girls, Sex Shops, Bycycles and Rembrant

Girls Girls Girls – Walking in the Red Light District was quite interesting. All those ladies shaking theirs asses to me, sending me kisses and invite me to their houses… made me feel really special (it must be cool to … Continue reading

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Eurotrip #3 :: London: Diversity, costly, the Queen, look left, fish & chips

Cultural diversity – We arrive at the hotel, and the manager and main staff were Indians, but the room service staff were blond girls (not sure if british or eastern europeans). My mom, who doesn’t speak english, went to buy … Continue reading

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Eurotrip :: #2 :: Portugal: Naval Empire, bacalhau, marijuana and tiles

After Madrid, we took a flight to Porto because the price was cheaper than the one to Lisboa. The next day we took a train to Lisboa, my family also went to Fatima; but this are my impressions of our … Continue reading

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Eurotrip :: #1 Madrid :: Gays, whores, ham, football and the crisis

I lived in Madrid for almost two months, so I will resume the things my family and I found shocking and interesting about the city. Gays –  There is a region of the city that is full of gays and you … Continue reading

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