Life In Lithuania #8: Beach walk, flowers, quiz and mosquitoes

2015-03-21_23-23-55Table Football – It is fascinating how much Lithuanian boys and girls simply LOVE table football. You can easily find them in most of the bars and also a huge line of people waiting to play. There are mini-table, normal tables and huuuuuuge tables. We have two table football sets in our office building and they are occupied 99,9% of the time. There are many tournaments. I love to watch lithuanians playing it, because they start cheering, screaming, swearing and displaying a lot of emotion (things they don’t usually do).

2015-03-21_23-33-04Quiz – There are sooooooo many quiz events in bars and restaurants, it is amazing. You can have your team and participate in a quiz on monthly basis. It is a clever way for owners of restaurants to make profits. I like to participate in some of them, but sometimes I just want to go to a sport’s bar to watch a football game, but have to wait the quiz to end in order to watch the football match 😀

beachWalkingLove for Nature – 99,9999% of Lithuanian girls I met enjoy waking into the woods and the beach shore. In Latin America, going to the beach means to take a sunbath and swim into the water, but Lithuanians usually just walk by the shore. Walk and walk and walk and walk and walk. One of my friends told me:

“The sea is magical, I like to listed to the sound of it, it gives me a good feeling. Sitting, relaxing, walking and looking at it. Not like you Alex, I know you go there just to look at girls’ asses :DDDD”  – Greta

2015-03-21_23-34-39Flowers – Maybe I was never a romantic person, but I’ve never seen so much flowers in my whole life as in Lithuania. WOW. Shops selling flowers are everywhere !! And during valentine’s day and international women’s day you will find the double of shops. You can also find them in many Facebook profile pictures.


Mosquitos protector clothes. Essential in Lithuanian summer

Insects – It is stupefying the fact that there are so few insects. I might have seen two spiders in the whole time I lived in my apartments. In Latin America, if you pour by accident a couple of sugar on the table, you will see a million ants going after it some minutes later. WOOOW It is so cool lo live without ants. But not everything is perfect. Try going by the river during summertime, you might get eaten alive by mosquitos. If you go to the forest camping during summer, BUY A LOT OF REPELLENTS otherwise your weekend will become a terror movie.

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