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New York vs Lithuania or Europe

A Latin America living in Lithuania that lived in New York for 30 days compares it with Vilnius. Continue reading

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Life In Lithuania #7 – You are (not) my friend

– Hey Agnė, did you have fun last night with your friend Aistė, she is really crazy, I like her. – Jo Jo !! She is fun, but she is not my friend, we are classmates. – Really, how long do … Continue reading

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Life in Lithuania #4 – Kissing, streets, sun and soviet times

Kissing – Normally when a man meets a women for the first time they don’t kiss each other on the cheek and instead they shake hands. Some people know that in my culture we kiss on the cheek so they … Continue reading

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Life in Lithuania #3 – More Cultural Shocks

Bus Drivers – I’ve never seen so much women as bus drivers in my life. A lot of European that come here say the same, so I think this is something unique and from my point of view very positive. Robot … Continue reading

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Life in Lithuania #2 – Cultural Shocks

Classes equality – Back in Latinamerica you can easily spot Rich from Extremely poor people anywhere you go. Lithuania seems to have all the population in the same social status (from my point of view). This is like the dream … Continue reading

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Life in Lithuania #1 – Work Environment

Work environment: Perhaps the part I like the most about being here. I was expecting Europeans to be much more hard workers than us Latin-Americans but not at this level. Back in Latin America you can easily find some lazy … Continue reading

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