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Life In Lithuania #10:Three years in Europe

Sveiki everyone, first I would like to inform you that I am not lost or on long vacations or partying like crazy, but I decided to rethink my values, goals and the meaning of life. I am still writing some posts … Continue reading

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Life In Lithuania #9: Lithuanian-Russian relations

Last Sunday (July 19th, 2015), the soviet statues from the green bridge were removed. It wasn’t a great celebration, but many people were happy or relieved, they don’t want to give them impression that they miss the soviet times and … Continue reading

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[LINK] Working for client services in Lithuania

So here is the link to a short interview I gave to the marketing team of my company regarding my two years working in Lithuania. Enjoy 🙂

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AIESEC, how it completely changed my entire life

I’m going to say the truth and not (try to) lie to you. We Brazilians despise our country and if we had the chance we leave it. I met many people with the same thoughts. At first I tried to … Continue reading

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Eurotrip, coming soon

Currently I’m on an Eurotrip and will come back next month. I will write about this too. Last year I visited some Eatern European cities, but now Western Europe. Right now I’m in Rome but I must say that my … Continue reading

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