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New York vs Lithuania or Europe

A Latin America living in Lithuania that lived in New York for 30 days compares it with Vilnius. Continue reading

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Eurotrip #3 :: London: Diversity, costly, the Queen, look left, fish & chips

Cultural diversity – We arrive at the hotel, and the manager and main staff were Indians, but the room service staff were blond girls (not sure if british or eastern europeans). My mom, who doesn’t speak english, went to buy … Continue reading

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Eurotrip :: #1 Madrid :: Gays, whores, ham, football and the crisis

I lived in Madrid for almost two months, so I will resume the things my family and I found shocking and interesting about the city. Gays –  There is a region of the city that is full of gays and you … Continue reading

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Life in Lithuania #4 – Kissing, streets, sun and soviet times

Kissing – Normally when a man meets a women for the first time they don’t kiss each other on the cheek and instead they shake hands. Some people know that in my culture we kiss on the cheek so they … Continue reading

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Life in Lithuania #2 – Cultural Shocks

Classes equality – Back in Latinamerica you can easily spot Rich from Extremely poor people anywhere you go. Lithuania seems to have all the population in the same social status (from my point of view). This is like the dream … Continue reading

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