Eurotrip :: #2 :: Portugal: Naval Empire, bacalhau, marijuana and tiles


Portugal: conquerors of the seven seas

After Madrid, we took a flight to Porto because the price was cheaper than the one to Lisboa. The next day we took a train to Lisboa, my family also went to Fatima; but this are my impressions of our Motherland.

not-crackMarijuana – Walking alone at night, in a touristic square in the center of Lisboa, I found an high amount of people offering me drugs. What the f*ck with that ???? Every street block I walked there was a strange dude asking me if I want some drugs, sometimes it was a group of people offering me marijuana. Most of them looked like from India. My father experienced the same. Really sad. And f*ucked up !

2014-10-29_22-45-38Immigrants that don’t speak Portuguese – [In case you don’t know, in Brasil we speak Portuguese; and I am not surprised to meet people that think we speak Brazilian or Spanish] // I went with my mom (Brazilian) to buy some tickets for the tour bus. She stops in a touristic kiosk offering Bus tickets and asks the guy for the prices. The guys was from India. It was difficult to communicate with the guys because he could not understand Portuguese, even speaking slowly….. Seriously ???  I almost started speaking English to him. Well…. interesting. Late at night, my mom went to a souvenirs shop to buy a T-shirt. Again she found an Indian guy that could barely speak Portuguese with her. It took her a lot of time to buy that T-shirt. How can run you a business in which you have to communicate with tourist everyday and most of them are from Brasil, and you don’t manage the language ???? Brazilian portuguese is so easy to understand that even a parrot that speak Spanish can understand. So that could not be an excuse.

bacalhauFood – The famous bacalhau wasn’t as good as I expected (but it was good), but the fisher fingers were tastier. My mom liked Bacalhau so much that see look like a Shark swallowing  fishes. I was also impressed to see a lot of Brazilian food, drinks everywhere. The portuguese beer and soft drinks were really good.


Sixth most widely spoken language in the World

Language – The accent of portuguese from Portugal is difficult for Brazilians to understand. It was difficult for me to understand them sometimes, specially when they speak super fast. Sometimes I only understood the key words as when the hotel guy spoke to me: “You ███ not █████ to ████ lot ████ noise ████ after 10:00 PM” …. I also discovered new words; we call buses “ônibus” they say “autocarros”; we call breakfast “café da manhã” they say “pequeno almoço”. LOL


Freaking Awesome Portuguese Ship

The Naval Empire – Portuguese are super proud of their lost Empire. I learned a lot of facts I didn’t know about the glorious imperial fabulous  naval era. Portugal actually had colonies all over the world and their influence cannot be ignored. I had no idea of the importance of Dom Henrique to era of discoveries and his influence.  Vasco Da Gama and Marquês de Pombal are more popular than Coca-Cola in Portugal. They have a lot of building and monuments around Lisbon celebrating this time of glory and discoveries.

AmaliaBeautiful and Depressive music – I also learned about the local folk music named Fado. It impressed me to see my mom recognizing some of the portuguese songs. They might have been popular a million years ago. But the lyrics are sad, dark, depressive, nostalgic, pessimistic, melancholic, hurting, heartbreaking, despairing, mournful, full of sorrow, etc.  Totally recommended if you are having a bad day. Just look at the singer expression in the picture. MY GOD, I think she is dying of sadness !! =(

igrejaTile Art – Now I understand why there are so many Tile Arts in Brazil, it is because Portuguese freaking love it. Even the tunnels are full of them. There is a church in Porto in which the external walls are covered with Tile blue art. MY GOSH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL !!! I wish my house was like that.

Portugal was my favorite part of our Eurotrip. Maybe because I found so many things familiar to Brasil and I could understand more where we came from. The naval pride is really something interesting. The weather was perfect, the streets full of life. The only odd thing was to see Cristiano Ronaldo everywhere, LOL: Too bad I couldn’t visit the museums since we were in a rush, but I will definitely plan a longer trip to Lisboa.

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  1. “My mom liked Bacalhau so much that see look like a Shark swallowing fishes”. Good one!! Made me laugh 🙂

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