Eurotrip :: #1 Madrid :: Gays, whores, ham, football and the crisis

I lived in Madrid for almost two months, so I will resume the things my family and I found shocking and interesting about the city.


Super Gay Colors In Madrid

Gays –  There is a region of the city that is full of gays and you can notice by the huge amount of gay pride flags everywhere. It was the first time in my life I saw two guys kissing each other. Most of them were man with man. It took me one month to see two girls kissing, and they were hot. It was summer and the guys were walking half naked and sometimes with a small puddle. It was interesting to see how people accept this 2014-10-15_23-48-50behavior. One group of homosexuals dressing very tight leather pants asked me: “- Hey sweetie, are you gay ? Wanna join of for a drink” I just ran away from them, I guess it was because the short pants I was using. I never used them again 😀 Also there is a huge group of alternatives that confuses everyone, you never know if it is a man or a woman. Interesting place indeed.

Prostitutes in the middle of the street

Prostitutes in the middle of the street

Whores – Well… You can easily find prostitutes in the streets during daylight near one of the most busy streets of Madrid. WOW WTF !! They are dressed with super shirt and tight dresses calling the attention of everyone. I got even more shocked to see people talking with them in order to pay for their services  in the middle of a huge crowd of people. WOW!! That is not all. There are even girls selling sex services in parts of the highway !!! CRAZY !!!

Condom Machines – There are even machines in the middle of the streets selling preservatives, but what impressed me the most was to see a dude dressed as a business man buying some in the middle of the busiest place in Madrid. The mindset in Spain is really something interesting hehehe

HamFood – Is freaking amazing !!! I never imagined such a variety  of ham was possible. Spain is all about ham, you can find it everywhere, some taste like heaven and other taste like lettuce. My favorite food is Ravioli and they have a huuuuuge diversity in the supermarkets, loved it !! The toasted bread with olive oil and tomato sauce is the best invention since french fries !!! I just though Paella would taste really fucking awesome, but somehow I got disapointed, maybe because I am not a big fan of sea food.

2014-10-15_23-11-58Crisis – The unemployment rate in Spain is 21%. You can see a lot of people asking for money in the streets or public transport, and some displaying their musical talent in order to get some money. But what bothered me the most was seeing people stealing food. At a supermarket I saw how a guy ran away with a lot of food without paying, the employees tried to catch him, but he was too fast. Five days later I witnessed a homeless guy stealing a Big Mac from a customer. It also impressed me the amount of immigrants.

Protest – I was walking around with some friends in Madrid. We take a Metro to the Reina Sofia Museum, and when we leave the station we find ourselves in the middle of more than 300,000 Spaniards from all parts of Spain. Holy shit OMG WTF BBQ !!! Not only that, but I’ve seen many protest daily. People from all ages go to the streets and even elderly people wanting justice from dictatorships crimes.

Prostet in MAdrid

A lot of communist and separatist flags. Even some USSR flag

Football – Going to the Real Madrid stadium is really an experience. The amount of foreigners watching the games is astonishing. By my side, there were five male fans of Cristiano Ronaldo that were holding his poster and a flag of Palestine during the whole game. A lot of asians, latin americans and even families of scandinavians that have the skin so white that they looked naked wearing the Real Madrid home jersey.

Real Madrid vs Schalke 04; yeah, I took this picture

Real Madrid vs Schalke 04; yeah, I took this picture

Weather – IT IS PERFECT DURING SUMMER !!! Dry hot weather. AWESOME !!! It is so good that there is no need for a fan or air conditioner at all. There might be some heaters in houses; but I assume people use it during winter when the temperature could be as cold as 25°C 🙂

More about Spain when I write about Barcelona and Valencia.

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