Eurotrip, coming soon


Berlin, Germany

Currently I’m on an Eurotrip and will come back next month. I will write about this too. Last year I visited some Eatern European cities, but now Western Europe. Right now I’m in Rome but I must say that my favorite place so far was Berlin, which I visited last year. I loved the museum and history.
I still need a lot of things to say about Lithuania, and I will focus a little bit more on things I missed, like Basketball and things I don’t like.
Also I will write about my trips to Europe and my life in Madrid. I will be coming back to Lithuania to experience the autumn once again, the best beers of the world and give a second chance to the pink soup.

River Douro in Porto

River Douro in Porto

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2 Responses to Eurotrip, coming soon

  1. Greta says:

    Haha, good luck with the pink soup. Even I, as Lithuanian, hate it.

    Have a nice trip.


  2. Mantas says:

    We will wait for more posts! 😉


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