Life in Lithuania #6 – Food

Lithuanian food is almost as good as sex. Also, if you are drunk it has an even better taste.

kibinaiKibinai – It is a pastry filled with onion and meat, that tastes so good that I think it is unicorn meat. It tasted so good and it is so strong that the taste of it will be in your mouth for the whole day.

cakeŠakotis (Lithuania cake) – Aaaaaaahhhhh !! I FREAKING LOVE IT !! The first time I saw it I was like What the f*ck is this ?? Is it eatable ??? But then the taste was soooooo good that I was wondering where you were all my life ???

šaltibarščiaiPink soup/šaltibarščiai – It consist of beetroots, boiled eggs, sour cream, scallion, etc. It is served cold and pink….. but I don’t like it (sorry).

Dumplings/Koldūnai su mėsa – Similar to my Raviolis withkoldunai with a different taste. Usually you eat it with sour cream but the taste of the meat is sooooo peculiar. I tried to cook it with tomato sauce and it was a disaster, please always eat it with sour cream.

Baked pancakes – First time I order pancakes here I was expecting north-american style pancakes with syrup, but I was surprised to see  with sour cream and meat inside. It tastes like crêpe. Super tasty but for the normal price it is not enough to satisfy me.

Lithuanian man holding a kebab

Lithuanian man holding a kebab

Kebabs – Modified Turkish food. It isn’t so common in Latin America as here in Europe. You can see two kebab places per block, it is amazing. It is similar to burritos but with lamb meat, vegetables and garlic sauce. The taste is so strong that you might smell like Kebab for at least 10 hours and if you eat it at your room is worst. I’ve been to some student dorms that smell like kebab.

cepeCepelinai – It is a huge dumpling made out of riced potato with meat inside. It is served with sour cream. The potato layer has a lot of air and it looks like a Zepeline airship (there comes his name).

duonaKepta duona – Fried pieces of dark bread mixed with garlic and cheese sauce. It is the best thing ever made to eat with a good lithuanian beer. Seriously, I freaking love them. You just have to take care with them, since in some places they are so over cooked that you feel you are eating a brick and you can easily break your teeth.

Am I missing something ?? Please let me know so I could taste it.

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12 Responses to Life in Lithuania #6 – Food

  1. Vita says:

    How could you not like our šaltibarščiai? *heartbroken*
    Have you tried our Christmas cookies “kūčiukai”? And. uhm, čeburėkai is one more kind of street food (well, like kibinai and kebabs), though not particularly Lithuanian. Also, do you know there are dumplings with different fillings: potatoes or curd or mushrooms? However the meat ones are the most popular. Is there going to be a separate post about Lithuanian beer? Because I have a very important question to ask: which do you like the best? 🙂


    • Chandé says:

      Hi Vita 🙂 I will try the foods you recommended. I will be there next week.
      My favorite beer is Švyturys Baltas with lime, because is SOOO exotic. I cannot find white beers so easily in Latin America.


  2. It’s bloody hilarious! Seriously. I am lithuanian but I live abroad. I enjoy your impressions sooo much, they make me laugh 😀


  3. sadetha says:

    Toca ir a probar entonces


  4. Mantas says:

    You forgot Lithuanian dish called “vėdarai” (we-(ra)dar-I).


  5. Rafael says:

    Hey Chande I worried about life in Lithuania but seems to be very good to live there! lol.. Could you contact me and give some advice? I’m planning move to Lithuania soon.
    Keep up the good job!


  6. Tomas says:

    and whant about pig ear?


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