Life in Lithuania #5 – Girls Girls Girls !!

I’m not exaggerating by saying that girls in Lithuania are tremendously beautiful !!!

eyesEyes – 99,9999% of girls have green or blue eyes. But what impresses me the most is the look they give at me. Girls like to give me a lot of eye contact (maybe because I’m exotic) and that really drives me crazy. It is a challenge to focus on a conversation if a girl won’t stop hypnotizing me with her gaze.

Olialia pupytės

Olialia pupytės

Blonde girls – There are a lot everywhere but what amazes me is that they are not the common stereotype of blond. There are super hot, sexy and beautiful blond girls working in very complex technical tasks. WOW! Most I met were super smart and do not act like Barbie Girls.

Humor – In my opinion, lithuanians are not cold people. Girls here are super funny and sometimes they make me laugh so much that I start laughing and I scare them with my hyena laugh. The shy girls are the ones that can always bring you a smile at the end of the day.

5-29-2014 3-30-26 AMLegs – They like to show off their legs A LOT. It doesn’t matter how cold it is you will see a lot of girls legs everywhere 🙂 I went crazy on summer. Girls start using those high-waisted-short-jeans and you are able to see part of their buttocks. It is very dangerous to drive during summer in the streets of Vilnius because of this distraction. Mamma mia !

Bites – Not only lithuanian, but Europeans girls like to bite a lot. My lips and neck are always the main victims. It is easier to get bitten than kissed in a club.

Party Girls – Do not underestimate girls that look shy and quiet, after they drink a Mojito or a shot of Tequila you will see them at the top of the pole dance getting Wild.


Names – Girls names are very beautiful and some of the are unique: Aistė (sounds like Ice Tea), Eglė (Christmas tree), Agnė, Gabija, Greta, Justė, Rūta, Živilė. About 99% of girls I met with these names are hot and have great personality.

Fyfos – As one friend told me. Fyfos are orange face girls (make-up) that wear exotic clothes, shinny jewelery, high heels and take a lot of selfies. Here is a video with more information [The banana seduction trick might be fake, never happened to me] Girls actually dance around their purses, interesting cultural shock 🙂

One female friend told me that sometimes two girls give a quick kiss to each other at clubs to call the attention of guys. Can someone confirm this to me ?

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5 Responses to Life in Lithuania #5 – Girls Girls Girls !!

  1. Bee says:

    Seems that you are really impressed by Lithuanian girls 😀

    I was surprised while reading that part about legs, doesn’t girls in Brazil usually showing their legs? Maybe it’s wrong, but I always thought that women in Brazil are usually showing a lot of naked skin.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mantas says:


    great post, thank you for writting this blog. Some facts: yes it is true, that some girls gives each other a “quick kiss” because to call the attention of guys, but I saw that not just in Lithuania.

    Word “Fyfos” stands for – posh, stupid, tanned girls. 🙂

    Waiting for new post!


    • Chandé says:

      Thanks a lot Mantas 🙂 It is interesting to see that in some places in Latin America girls use a lot of make up to look whiter , while in Lithuania and Brasil they want to be tanned.


  3. fsafsa says:

    haha. it seems you are dating dumb girls


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