Life in Lithuania #1 – Work Environment

Work environment: Perhaps the part I like the most about being here. I was expecting Europeans to be much more hard workers than us Latin-Americans but not at this level. Back in Latin America you can easily find some lazy workers and others that work double in the same office; here most of the employees work at the same level and with an infinite hunger to get more work and recognition.

My first team in Adform, the

My first team in Adform, the “Random Team”

It is very common to arrive early at the office and leave late and don’t ask for extra overtime money (WTF??!!), I heard this happens in many many companies in here. Really impressive love for what you do 🙂

Another unique characteristic of Lithuanians is their speed. They are extremely fast at everything. This is very good, but also has its (very small) consequences. You have 10 tasks and you have 4 hours to finish them, but you do it in one hour, the rest of the time you will get bored and wanting more. Also, when executing tasks at such speed, it is very likely to make mistakes, although since I arrive here I haven’t seen much mistakes made by my colleagues.

Spanish and Italian team. Not silent at all hahaha

Spanish and Italian team. Not silent at all hahaha

The environment is silent most of the time, but you can always hear girls gossiping around, guys making jokes and random things going on. When there is no assignments pending, workers go to the leisure zone and play table football, video games or drink coffee between themselves. The Italian/Spanish corner is more turbulent and dramatic, of course hehehe.

But the biggest shock ever is the body language used in online communication. I mean, while we chat via Skype or send a message or e-mail to our clients. Europeans in general use a lot of smiley faces. WOW !!! I was so shocked by this. It makes sense now, since it makes easier to know if the person is happy or angry with you. I mean, specially in Latin America , we don’t use them at ALL in business environment.

Summer Party 2013. Infinite amount of alcohol and food !!

Summer Party 2013. Infinite amount of alcohol and food !!

Something very peculiar about the company where I am working is the amount of activities they engage their employees with. When I was very active in my student association AIESEC, we used to have one team building per quarter, in my last company I never had one in two years, the same as in the university I worked. Here, I had at least 2 or 3 per quarter, it is AMAZING. The company values a lot their workers and we cannot be more satisfied than that.

Check our culture video :

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3 Responses to Life in Lithuania #1 – Work Environment

  1. Me says:

    it’s actually really nice hearing such things about it. Lithuanian people don’t appreciate their country that much. Most of them are very negative about strangers from other countries. e.g black people, and that. So thanks a lot 🙂

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  2. Thank you for a good read lady,

    To begin with, Lithuanians, and certainly “most” of them are not negative about strangers. Quite the contrary, Lithuanians, especially city dwellers find it stimulating to have foreigners around and see it as a sign of multiculturalism, glottalization and international presence.

    This is a nice article, but also let us be realistic, that most probably this heroine ended up in a nice company, nice environment. There could be different examples everywhere.

    In my opinion Lithuania is a good company to have a business with. Lithuanians are somewhat in between the fast paced southern Europeans and slow, et efficient quality wise Nordic countries.

    Thank you for a good read, i remember myself working in a telecommunications company before, HQ were in Lithuania. I would do all of my tasks in 2 hours and then would be bored rest of the day. So it is definitely true – people tend to do tasks in Lithuania fast so they could have more… “free leisure time” at work. Even though that does sound a bit koko. (crazy).


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